Since my inaugural mission, I've already seen missions of every conceivable variety and have been placed in the service of many noble causes. Below are summaries of my more extraordinary experiences.

This list will be updated as my service record grows (or whenever I have a bot with some free time.)

  • Diplomacy: In CY 9772, I had the pleasure of conveying Commonwealth Special Envoy Nguyen to the Bosporus system and serving as platform for negotiations with the Dardan Hegemony. The resulting treaty establishing full diplomatic and trade relations between the Commonwealth and the Hegemony was named the Andromeda Concord (not bad for a fairly young starship, if I do say so myself.)

    Rescue: Firefighting and evacuation efforts at the Wat Aruna Drifttown in 9774.

    Law Enforcement: Finding and destroying the Triangulum Galaxy's largest Soma manufacture lab, 9776.

    Protection: Under command of my new captain Dylan Hunt, we launched a bold strike across the Quarantine Zone to smash a Magog fleet before it could launch a swarm attack on the Kalderash system. This was not a pretty picture, but a necessary mission.

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