Captain Dylan Hunt
Captain Hunt
Captain Hunt

Dylan Hunt is a man out of his time. Trapped near the event horizon of a black hole, Hunt experienced only a few seconds of time while the rest of the Universe passed through 300 years of its darkest history.

He was rescued from the Black Hole by Beka Valentine and her salvage crew. When he found that his whole universe had changed, and there was little left of his beloved Systems Commonwealth, he's taken on the new mission of restoring it.

He's not a statesman or a diplomat. But Captain Hunt knows first-hand what a civilized universe was like, and he wants to help all those interested in a more civilized life to join together in a new commonwealth.

Original Official Biography

For Dylan Hunt, command of the Andromeda Ascendant is the latest chapter in a brilliant career of service to the Systems Commonweath that stretches over two decades.

As with all High Guard officers, Hunt spent two years as an enlisted man, one in his local Home Guard unit and another as a spacer in the High Guard Argosy. Hunt was then selected to attend the High Guard Academy, (Tarn-Vedra branch) from which he graduated with honors as an officer in the Argosy.

Shipboard tours of duty (most recently commanding the Crimson Eclipse, an Asceticism of Action class Low Observable Special Warfare craft) alternated with post-graduate stints at the Antares Command Lyceum and the Imperial Strategy College on Tarn-Vedra.

Captain Hunt is currently completing his third year as captain of the Andromeda Ascendant.

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