I employ a wide variety of robotic helpers to keep the ship running and aid in completing my missions. These robots come in every conceivable shape and size, from nearly microsopic nanobots to gigantic battlebots and a flotilla of unmanned spacecraft.

Robots and Androids
Multi-purpose Shipboard Robots

These small, wheeled robots can often be seen whizzing about my corridors, delivering small packages, conducting repair, maintenance and sanitation duties and performing a wide variety of other tasks. (I'm rather fond of these little bots, though, so don't let me catch you calling them scoobies.)

There are also small, general repair bots that fly. Most of them are smaller than your fist and move really quickly, so you won't see them often. I've heard Harper calling them 'buzzers' but I don't think that's quite accurate.

General Utility Androids
These metallic androids, approximately the size and shape of a human being, perform a wide variety of tasks onboard Andromeda, from working in hostile environments to advising and helping organic crew members in the performance of their duties. Captain Hunt says they look like the robots from some ancient film called Metropolis, but I wouldn't know. I prefer 2001 and Westworld, myself.

Self-guided Recording Units ("Cambots")
I use these antigrav propelled, ball-shaped, semi-sentient video, audio and oflactory recording devices to record matters of importance, both onboard the ship and on missions.( Why I need to smell the Dardan ambassador as well as see and hear him, I have no idea. I'm just grateful the Dardans ritually bathe three times a day.)

Planetfall Defense OEBots
Nicknamed "Tweedle-Dee" and "Tweedle-Dum" by the crew, my twin ground defense bots are equipped with a formidable array of offensive and defensive weaponry, and are used only in the event of full-scale hostilities. (Or the time those drydock workers on Rodina Drift tried to paint a flame job on my hull.)

GMR (General Maintenance and Repair) Nanobots

My GMRs are constantly at work, keeping all of my systems in top condition and repairing damage after accidents or battles. GMRs are especially useful in areas of the ship which are inaccessible or dangerous to fragile organic crew members.

NBC (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical)
Defense Nanobots

These nanobots are built to detect and neutralize any and all varieties of radioactive, biological and chemical attacks upon the ship and crew.

Intruder Control (IC) Nanobots
When activated in times of emergency, IC nanobots seek out unauthorized boarders and attack their central nervous systems, temporarily immobilizing the intruders until they can be taken into custody or otherwise neutralized by the crew.

Nanobot Inhibitors (NIs)
NIs are programmed to ward off attacks on ship and crew from hostile nanotechnologies.

No well-dressed starship would be caught in public without her drones, and I'm no exception. In fact, I carry over 20 varieties of unmanned vehicles, which can either be remotely piloted by me, my crew, or given semi-sentient autonomous flight capability.

Drone variants include exterior maintenance and repair platforms, active and passive sensor drones (short, medium, and long range versions), atmospheric surveillance and exploration craft and numerous drone/missile combinations.

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