Hello. I am the Andromeda Ascendant. My official designation is Shining Path to Truth and Knowledge AI model GRA 112, serial number XMC-10-182.

The crew calls me "Rommie," and you're welcome to as well.

I have collected some resources here that we are happy to share with everyone. You can of course learn more about me, my crew and our mission through the links on the left. On the right, I have provided interfaces for you to some other resources in my databanks.

All Systems University Library is the reference library from the largest university in the old commonwealth. It spanned galaxies and collected knowledge from every culture. You'll find information there about life forms, planets, and technology.

I've also provided a link to Seamus Harper's data port. He's agreed to allow visitors to tour his knowledge and experiences as one of Dylan Hunt's crew. He has information about our recent adventures, technical information about his discoveries, and a few surprises, I'm sure. I'll warn you though, it's uncensored, pure Harper and he can be a little uncivilized at times.

Please read and consider signing this RESOLUTION OF ESTABLISHMENT for the new commonwealth.

All Systems University

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Seamus Harper

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Andromeda Ascendant
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