An Explanation

300 Years ago we were ambushed by a vast fleet of Nietzschean ships, piloted by Nietzscheans who felt the High Guard had wronged their race by making peace with the Magog.

Captain Dylan Hunt ordered all of my crew to flee in escape pods and warn the High Guard. I can only assume they didn't make it.

In an effort to escape the area, Captain Hunt, the only surviving crew member, and I became suspended in time at the edge of a black hole. Apparently, we stayed there, undisturbed, for more than 300 years.

When we woke up, due to the arrival of some unwanted visitors, I had to break the heart-wrenching news to Captain Hunt. His fiancée, Sara, and of course, his family and friends were long dead. My counterparts seem to have been destroyed as well.

It looks like we're relics leftover from a golden age. (It really makes a girl feel old. Even AIs want to stay young forever, you know.) I haven't despaired yet though - I have a new mission.

Captain Hunt and I, with the help of those previously unwanted visitors, are setting out to restore the Systems Commonwealth to what it once was. My faith in Captain Hunt has only been strengthened by his reaction to our situation. I'm extremely proud to be a part of his plan.

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