CY 10087: Began restoring the new Commonwealth.
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CY 9780: Participated in the thorough but fruitless search for the missing High Guard survey vessel Long March.

CY 9778-79: Served several tours along the Quarantine Zone, monitoring the border to ensure Magog compliance with the Treaty of Antares.

CY 9777: Conducted a strike across the Quarantine Zone to smash a Magog fleet before it could launch a swarm attack on the Kalderash system.

CY 9776: Located and destroyed the Triangulum Galaxy's largest Soma manufacture lab.

CY 9775: Provided a platform for the Sparborth Research Center's close range observation of a supernova in the Miletos Cluster.

CY 9774: Led firefighting and evacuation efforts at the Wat Aruna Drifttown.

CY 9773: Coordinated famine relief efforts on Sculptor 119, along with providing security for the relief force led by the medical support vessel Eightfold Path.

CY 9772: Conveyed Commonwealth Special Envoy Nguyen to the Bosporus system and served as platform for negotiations with the Dardan Hegemony. The resulting treaty establishing full diplomatic and trade relations between the Commonwealth and the Hegemony was named the Andromeda Concord.

CY 9772: Acted as command ship of Task Force Bucephalos, sent to protect the Luwian cluster from an impending Magog swarm. Andromeda spearheaded the destruction of the Magog armada.

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