Although the University knowledge-base encompasses thousands of worlds, there are still limits to our understanding. Here we give you access to some of the mysteries among us. These are artifacts found on various planets and throughout space -- artifacts we do not understand and currently do not know how to categorize. We provide them for your study and contemplation. We must never give in to the hubris that we know all.

  • Artifact 1: Unearthed on the sandy surface of San-Ska-Re.

  • Artifact 2: Artifact 2 was discovered on Fountainhead.

  • Artifact 3: Discovered on Krrendar in a developing Pyrian settlement.

  • Artifact 4: Recovered by members of a Ugroth diving expedition.

  • Artifact 5: Found amidst the ruins of a fortress on Kalderash.

  • Artifact 6: Retrieved by clean-up crews from a pod of free-floating space garbage.

  • Artifact 7: Discovered in the ruins of an ancient Earth city.

    Artifact 8: Artifact 8 was accidentally unearthed by a resort construction regiment on Arzawa II.

  • Artifact 9: Artifact 9 was found by an exploration crew far out on an uninhabited prairie of Tarn-Vedra.

  • Artifact 10: Artifact 10 has an especially mysterious history, shrouded with tragedy.

  • Artifact 11: Artifact 11 is a copy of Hasturi's Diary.

You need the newest version of the free Shockwave plug-in to view all of the artifacts. If you don't have that plugin, visit the Macromedia site to download it for free.

(click on each artifact to see it in operation)