Location: Triangulum Galaxy
Diameter: 13,300
Water coverage: 28%
Climate: Desert
Population: 23 billion (94% Than, 3% human, 1% Nietzschean, 2% miscellaneous)
Update: San-Ska-Re briefly served as the provisional capital of the Systems Commonwealth during the Nietzschean Uprising. Now the planet is the seat of the restored Than Hegemony, one of the most powerful political formations in known space. Humans and other minorities still dwell on San-Ska-Re, mostly in Than-like social arrangements.
Previous Information: Most sentient species wouldn't consider San-Ska-Re a pleasant place to live. Hot and arid, blessed with little surface vegetation and plagued by enormous, continent-sized sandstorms, the planet isn't much to look at. Yet San-Ska-Re managed to give birth to one of the Commonwealth's most industrious species, the Than-Thre-Kull, who still live on the planet in great abundance and cover its surface with their ornate, intricately organized hive cities.
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