Senior Leadership
  Captain Dylan Hunt, Commanding Officer

  • Gaheris Rhade
    Executive Officer

  • Commander Kim Jong San
    Commanding Officer, Fighter Operations
  • Lt. Commander Maisus nax Sinque
    Commander, Centaur Tactical Fighter Wing
  • Lt. Commander Thabo Xhosa
    Commander, Shrike Strike Fighter Wing
  • Lt. Commander Iskander Hassan
    Fire Control Officer
  • Lt. Refractions of Dawn
    Senior Pilot
  • Dr. Tristan Selvig
    Senior Medical Officer

Civilian department heads
  • Aten - Professor of Theoretical Physics at Shining Path to Truth and Knowledge Institute
    Director, Department of Research and Exploration
  • Ambassador Tirza
    Voice of the Empress

Outstanding Enlisted Personnel
  • Corporal Yukio Cooper
    Lancer Corps
  • Stam
    Petty Officer
  • Cronan Thompson
    Spacer 1st Class
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